Why Choose The WordPress Genesis Theme Over Thesis ?

by admin on February 8, 2014

I have now purchased & finally intend trying out the WordPress Genesis framework, with a Prose child theme.

I cannot see why I should spend time learning to use the newer Thesis 2.0 framework, having been a Thesis 1.8.5 user and enjoying its flexibility & simplicity for so long.

I just want to be able market my websites these days, without having to invest my time in learning a new & more complex interface. This approach is summed up in more detail in Sugarrae Hoffman’s excellent blog post & I am following her lead here.

However for those that want to stick with or learn the Thesis 2.0 framework, there are 10 excellent video tutorials here  www.byobwebsite.com

I have also purchased Dynamilk theme for the Genesis framework. I believe this will give me the design flexibility I have got use to with the old Thesis 1.8.5 framework, but in a Genesis theme.

I further believe the Dynamilk theme & its WYSIWYG editor, will allow me to easily customize this Genesis theme to my exact requirements without having to dip into code for 99% of the time.

Finally as video marketing is becoming ever more widely used I want to try using the Yoast SEO Video plugin for WordPress.

However I have read that Thesis does not work with this plugin. So this is really my ultimate reason to try Genesis, as it works with all of the Yoast plugins.

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