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by admin on May 31, 2012

I have been reading about a product called “SENuke” (aka SEO Nuke) for link building. It is apparently one of the best automated link building tools of its kind. It can be combined with other automated software like “best spinner” for article rewriting  & “scrapebox” for researching & collating website data, making it a fast & efficient method for creating web copy & back links, albeit back links for link sake only and not back links that would generate much natural web traffic.

SENuke (SEO Nuke) is used by a lot of Black Hat SEO’s… but it need not be used in a egregious way. I came across this video on SE Nuke’s attitude towards the Google Penguin update, it is interesting in that its so different from the current consensus view on Google’s Penguin & Panda.

In this video Josh Bachynski of SENuke offers us the theory that Penguins target  is less about weeding out bad back links & more about pruning spam filled pages that help to deliver back link juice to your money website

However this theory this doesn’t quite explain away the “First Report Of Google Penguin Recovery” via @sengineland I tweeted about a few days ago

But Josh of SENuke backs up his hypothesis by saying any divergent evidence may be down to Google’s Penguin update using a Baysian filter. This is based on a Baysian probability theory that gradually learns from new data  & turns a subjective theory into a rational one based on gathering ongoing evidence…or at least that’s as much as I can understand of a definition of Baysian Theory from Wikipedia


The latest video from Josh about dealing with Penguin & having an SEO strategy in July 2012. Issues addressed include

  • Three different ways to fix websites affected by Penguin
  • Leaks from SMX advanced Conference
  • Results of an Josh’s own experiment into Penguin backlinks
  • Generic anchor text and possible benefits of using the author snippet tag
  • SEO guidelines from Google for 2012

Finally for an informed discussion from users who have tried out the ‘SENuke’ software package  in a bid to see if it is useful for building quality links that stand the test of time & Google updates & possible penalties… then see this SEOMoz discussion

One of the participants in this SEOMoz debate makes a valid point …

“For example writing an unique non-spinned article (with pictures, embedded videos,… if possible) and then use SE Nuke also for this article…The good thing is these links get deleted right away or they last a very long time… Right now i believe that people that are only using low-class spun link building techniques are totally wrong, as well as people that don´t use it based on a “white hat-principle.”

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