Local Search Guide Part 4 | Getting Local Search Terms Visible In Google

by admin on August 17, 2012

4: Blog Commenting

There are a plethora of blogs today and most of them offer you the chance to post comments. You can gain backlinks by leaving relevant comments that actually mean something. Much like forum posting this isn’t something to do recklessly. You need to actually read the blog posts you are commenting on and then drop a thoughtful response.

Creating the links on these blogs is pretty simple, when you are filling out the comment section “Your Name” will end up being the anchor text to your link. Some blogs will not allow people to put keywords as their name, but a lot do if the comment is well thought out.

Some blogs will also let you put an HTML link in the body of your comment, but usually only if that site is relevant to the discussion at hand. To find fresh blog posts, search twitter for “new blog post” and you will have enough to stay busy for awhile.

5 Social Media & Bookmarking

There is a whole world out there based on social interaction over the web that is primed for backlinks. It has probably become the most popular back linking method. First there are Social Bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious that offer profiles which allow you to add a link, or have an about me section that allows you to place an HTML link.

You can google “social bookmarking sites” to find hundreds of sites that may allow you to place an anchor text rich link in your profile. There are also a ton of blogging or micro blog type sites out there.

Sites like Squidoo, Blogger, WordPress,com etc… offer people the chance to create a blog type web page. These blogs and pages can easily have links added to them that point to your site. If you use these sites, try to create some original content for each of them – even if it is a quick 250 word article.

Online profiles are one of the hottest places to get backlinks. Almost any site that has some sort of “community” offers a profile section that you can use to add a link. Facebook, Twitter & Linked In are all good places to build profiles with back links to your website.

In 2011 we saw the arrival of a a new social network called Google +… I strongly recommend you set up a Google + profile with back links to your site.

Links from Google + are ‘do follow links’ that can pass page rank to your site. In 2012 as search becomes increasingly more socially & semantically based the influence of Google + will become more important in search terms.

However this is not limited to a certain type of sites, basically any site you can create a profile on. I would suggest focusing on the high PR sites. For example a lot of newspapers offer user profiles. Other sources include forums like SEOMoz &  4Networking.com etc

6: Article Writing

Article writing can also give you decent back links. Just write an article on your topic and there is no shortage of sites to submit that article to. Most sites allow a link (or two) in the body of the article, but even if they don’t, they all offer a profile that you can get a link on and an author resource box that will be posted along with your article. The resource box can be a perfect opportunity to sell yourself or website…plus of course the ever valuable back link.

Some of the most popular article sites are:




You can also save all of your articles as PDFs (with anchor text rich backlinks in it) and upload to document sharing sites like Scribd and Docstoc.

7: Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging has become perhaps the most effective way in 2012 to get high quality white hat one way links
This involves submitting articles with links back to your site to a blog owner or syndicate who may host your article if its deemed newsworthy

Some popular guest blogging resource sites include




If you want to get seen in your local search engine rankings , then these fours steps will ensure you do that.
Researching and picking a great local keyword (e.g Swansea Hotels). The key here to remember is to combine your location with your product and/or service.

Make sure your keyword is in your title tag. This is the first thing Google sees, it has to include your keyword.

Frequently updated websites are rewarded by Google. Remember that migrating your website to a WordPress platform, or adding a blog to an existing website is the easiest way to make your site dynamic. Google will reward you for fresh content.

Get Backlinks. You need to get back links to your website. Remember you want your keyword to be in your anchor linking text as much as possible. This is the golden rule for helping keyword terms rank well.

If you cannot be bothered to do all of this yourself then consider our link building service.

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Chris Billingham - Page One Web Design Swansea

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