Local Search Guide Part 2 | Getting Local Search Terms Visible In Google

by admin on July 18, 2012

Step Three: Fresh Content

Fresh Content is the way forward.

A “dynamic” website consists of some sort of regularly updated content. This is usually done by adding a blog to your website, or moving your site to a dynamic platform like WordPress (WP). Google values dynamic website more highly than static (rarely changing) websites. A website with fresh content is naturally more relevant and up to date, so Google awards higher rankings for them.

The easiest way to add a dynamic element to your website is to build it in WordPress in the first place. Conversely if yo have a website already you can also just add a WP blog to your current website. You should update your website as often as possible. A solution like WordPress with its dashboard makes this as easy as using a word processing program.

Step Four: Backlinks

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the number one most important factor when you want your website to get to the top of Google searches. In the simplest terms, backlinks are links on the internet that point back to your site. The most effective backlinks have your chosen keyword as the anchor text. Anchor text is the actual text that people click to visit your site. When Google finds a link to your site that includes the keyword you want to rank for then it will boost that sites relevancy.

Many of the places you get links from will have a field for your web address as well as a field that is something like “Link Text” or “Link Title”. Whatever you put into those latter fields will become your “anchor text”.

So if you are trying to rank for “Swansea Hotels” that is what you would use. Sometimes though you will have to create it yourself. The most common ways to create anchor text links when back linking is through HTML

Here is how you create anchor text backlinks: HTML

<ahref=”http:/www.powebdesign.co.uk”>keyword goes here </a>

Top Tip РDo not concentrate on anchor text back linking for one particular phrase too much e.g. several hundred identical  links or more. By varying your keyword anchor text in your back links it will look more natural to Google and avoid penalties for over optimization of the same keyword in your anchor text thousands of times.

Hence use keyword anchor text “Swansea hotel” as well as anchor text “staying in a Swansea Hotel” …this will make your link building seem more natural to Google and help avoid a penalty. Partial matches like the phrase “staying in a Swansea Hotel” will also count towards your ranking for the term “Swansea hotel.

When a site is brand new submit your links more slowly (do not have hundreds or thousands of links appear overnight as this looks unnatural & you may incur a penalty from Google). However as your website ages say 6 to 12 months.. you can be more aggressive with your link building. After 2 years or more a domain is considered to be established and have more domain authority for SEO purposes than a younger domain.

Next Week: Part 3 Р 7 Ways to Build Effective Back links

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