Local Search Guide Part 1 | Getting Local Search Terms Visible In Google

by admin on July 4, 2012

Step One: Research

What Are Your Customers Searching For Locally ?

Since we are working on local search terms your research should be pretty simple.

All you need to figure out is “What do my customers search Google for ? ”

This search term will become your keyword e.g.. Swansea Jobs, Swansea Hotels, Swansea City Football Club..

Essentially it comes to a simple pattern, just combine your location (Swansea or Cardiff) with your product or service. If you have a hotel in Swansea then a pretty good start would be “Swansea Hotel”.

Once you have combined your locale with your product/service you can use Googles keyword tool  to get an idea of how many people search for your term.

Make sure when you are using the ‘Google Keyword Adword Tool’ filters that you select an “Exact” keyword match and data only from the “United Kingdom“. This will allow you to get the correct volume of local searches not USA or broad searches.

As Google tends to over estimate so you need to divide this local search volume figure by three and only then do you have a fair idea of the amount of people looking “per calender month” for this search term in the UK

If search volumes for your local keyword terms are very poor you may try some of the other keywords that the ‘Google Adword Keyword Tool’ suggests from its list instead to drive traffic to your website

Once you have your “keyword” (your location + your product/service in most cases) then you are ready to optimize your website for local based searches.

Step Two: Meta Title Tag

The very first thing it sees is your Title Tag, which makes sense since it is as the very top of your website. The title tag is found at the top of your web browser in the blue bar.

It is pretty essential that this title tag has your keywords in it. It is the first thing Google sees and it is what Google will list your website as in their search engine snippet that appears on the results page

You have seventy characters to play within the “title tag” make sure you put the main keyword term or phrase you want  to appear for at the start of the text in the title tag.

The position of the words in your title tag is important so place the ones you want to appear for the most furthest to the left at the start of your string of title tag characters

How Do I Change Title Tags ?

If you have your website powered by WordPress then you simply change your “Blog Title” to your keyword term You can change this in the dashboard of WordPress in Settings –> General. Moreover there are many WordPress plugins that allow you to control all the meta tags with the ”All in One SEO” Plugin is the most popular

If you are using a traditional HTML website then you will have to manipulate some source code. If you have a web designer they can probably do this for you in a couple of minutes. Either way you will have to edit the title tag in your header (usually with web editing software package such as Macromedia Dreamweaver)

Somewhere in between the <head> and </head> tags will be <title></title> tags, just put your keyword between those tags and you are all set.

If you remember one thing from this guide please remember this - The main on page elements of your website that really matter to Goggle are your title tags, your domain name and its age & your URL Structure. The rest is all down off site issues such as building incoming links to your website.

Also bare in mind since Google’s Penguin update in April 2012, page topic content relevant to your page title tags  & incoming back links from topic related relevant websites have become a more important quality signal to Google.

  • A well placed keyword at the start of the title tag characters carries most importance in terms of a websites on page ranking factors
  • Domain names should include your keywords hence www.swanseahotels.co.uk would be your best choice for a website about hotel accommodation in Swansea.
  • Moreover a domain name does not reach it full weight with search engines until it has been active as a live website for 1 to 2 years. Hence get your website up & running quickly & improve it as it ages.
  • Your URL Structure is you web address and including keywords in it is helpful to getting your site well ranked. Hence www.swanseahotels.co.uk/gower-accommodation would be a good choice for hotel accommodation on the Gower near Swansea.

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