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Our reports are based on the industry standard best practice “Keyword Effectiveness Index” (KEI) used for identifying the most lucrative keywords.

KEI is a comparison of  the volume of searches for a keyword against the incidence of that keyword appearing on pages across the web. It is a measure of  keyword user search volume against web page competition. The higher the keyword index score the better the quality of the keyword in terms of search volume to competition.

The formula is – KEI = SV2/C    (SV2 -Search Volume Squared,  C -Competition)

A high KEI means that either a particular keyword has low competition (hence it is easier for that keyword to rank highly on Google) or that it has a high search volume (hence it is a better proposition for attracting web traffic). Better still it can also mean it has a combination of both factors, which is a win win situation if the keyword in question is relevant to your web page subject matter or niche

In our free keyword report analysis we take your main keyword and look for other related keyword suggestions using a combination of

  • Google Adword Keyword Tool
  • Google Related Searches
  • Google Autocomplete – (Google suggestions from the search box for popular phrases)
  • The Top Ten Competing Websites Meta Tags For That Keyword
  • Google Trends

We then take this list of newly suggested relevant keywords & give you a colour coded keyword report showing the major, important & supplemental keywords in green, yellow & red colours.

This indicates the precedence of keyword quality, where green is the first choice & yellow the second .

This allows you to quickly identify the best quality keywords to deploy to help attract more traffic, more easily to your website.

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