Keyword Ranking Tool – The Correct Results For Your Google Rankings

by admin on April 12, 2012

Where Do I Really Rank In Google  ?  

Did you know that Google personalizes your search engine results when you make a search ?  (To counter act this you must regularly clear your cached browsing history). Moreover if you are signed into your Google mail account they will personalize your results even more. (To counter act this sign out of your Gmail account).

Hence when you type your keywords into Google unless you clear your web history & are signed out of Gmail, your most likely are not getting accurate position on where you rank as everyone else would see it.

If you click on your own listings in the Google results page often then Google tends to rank your pages higher for your results. Meaning you might be convinced you rank on Page 1 when in reality you don’t .

Below is a rank checking tool so you can see the correct page on Google  for your keywords.

Please note that when you click – show advanced options - the option - clean url - is set to – yes –  by default  meaning it is as clean a ranking report as you can get with no personalized results.

More importantly using  the – show advanced options - you can choose which version of Google by country you wish to use

This tool only checks the first 10 pages of Google’s search results

For more useful SEO related information and to see what Google has been up too…see this link

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